A Brief History (Cont.)


The membership of the IOC, past and present, includes people such as General “Jimmy” Doolittle, Roscoe Turner, Admiral Rosendahl, Senator Barry Goldwater, Admiral Dufek, Bill Lear, Igor Sikorsky, “Fish”Salmon, Scott Crossfield, Colonel Francis Gabreski, Clay Lacy and too many others, equally worthy of mention. International members are equally famous, including such names asHRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Sir Douglas Bader, Robert-Stanford Tuck, Eric Brown, Adolf Galland, Johannes “Mickey” Steinhoff, Edw. Neumann, Gunther Rall, Dietrich Hrabak, Hanna Reitsch, Takafumi Hishikari, Jose Matoso and, once again, so many other international members equally worthy of being mentioned. Every one of the members has, in his or her unique way, earned a lasting place in the annals of the International Order of Characters, as well as in international aviation history.

As part of the lOC’s annual programs, the IOC recognizes aviation personalties and aviation achievements by means of trophys awarded during the meetings to honor a particular individual. The recipients are not necessarily members of the IOC to qualify for the awards, which are awarded on the basis of achievement in aviation, aerospace and associated fields of activity.
In passing, it is worth mentioning that the founder of the International Order of Characters, “The Brain”, also known as Dr. James E. Crane, still practices as an FAA Examiner in Stamford, Connecticut while he continues in an active role in the IOC as Chairman Emeritus.